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Do you know the technology of KORDA’S ropes?


In this new Blog entry we will explain the technology of the ropes manufactured by KORDA’S. Stay with us and be amazed by the innovations of this great rope manufacturer!

titan system logo
titan system logo


First of all, we find among the technology of KORDA’S strings the STABILITY system.

Pioneering system that allows the union between the sheath and the core of the rope. This allows all parts of the rope to work at the same time. This is why the sock effect of the rope with the consequent slippage of the sheath with respect to the rope core is eliminated.

On the other hand, KORDA’S achieves for its ropes greater dimensional stability throughout the rope’s service life along with a progressive reduction in rope shrinkage.


TITAN SYSTEM is a patented manufacturing system that is much more than a simple rope finish. This technology gives the rope improvements and new features.

What does it consist of?

The mountain and safety ropes that we find in the market are manufactured with 2 different structures; on the one hand the core and wrapping it, the sheath. KORDA’S with its innovation has created a new system that incorporates a third structure to the axis of the rope with the innovation called “the sheath”.


In conventional commercial ropes, the yarns that develop and construct the rope sheath describe a helical path around the rope. These threads all pass through the same side of the rope in cycles of a few centimeters. This is why, if the rope suffers a major damage on one side, all the threads of the sheath are affected and the rope may tear. This does not happen with the TITAN SYSTEM.


TITAN SYSTEM INCORPORATES A THIRD STRUCTURE. This structure acts as a real truss. It is constructed by a series of threads that run parallel to the rope axis as shown in the diagram on the left. This armor prevents the rope from being severely affected after a tear.

Thanks to the TITAN SYSTEM, the rope does not tear even if the sheath suffers significant longitudinal damage.

summum system logo
ice system logo


This system is the one that unifies both systems described above. Therefore, the ropes manufactured under this innovation stand out for having the maximum exponent in terms of safety, being defined as the safest ropes in the market so far.

STABILITY SYSTEM and TITAN SYSTEM. The cohesion of both systems results, on the one hand, in a better cohesion between the core and the sheath of the rope, and on the other hand, in greater safety.


This technology gives the ropes a water repellent treatment. This treatment has a water repellency in accordance with sections 2.1.2 and 3.2 of the UIAA 101:2019 Water Repellent standard. Where a water absorption of less than 5% is required.

The ICE SYSTEM treatment on Korda’s ropes guarantees a water absorption of less than 2.5%. Giving the rope a greater resistance to abrasion.

total dry logo
central end mark logo
logo durabilidad
logo shrinkless


This technology tries to waterproof the rope with a thermochemical finish based on Fluocarbonate.

This treatment makes the rope more durable and delays freezing as it absorbs less water.


The rope is marked with a special ink that does not affect the properties of the rope. This allows easy identification of the rope center and ends.


This property gives the rope a high resistance to friction and a more pleasant feel.


rope finishing technology added at the factory to improve the TOUCH-TAKENESS ratio. So it is not necessary to wet the rope before use.

Want to know more about KORDA’S rope technology?

Ask us a question!

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Isabel María Ponce Sáez

Isabel María Ponce Sáez

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