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This article is intended for those who want to start in the wonderful world of climbing. It is intended to give some notions about the technique and the necessary material to carry out climbing in a safe way and without making unnecessary investments.

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Contrary to what most people think, sport climbing is a fairly safe sport, as it is known as the type of climbing that, being practiced with fixed, pre-installed belays, guarantees maximum safety in case of a fall.

Despite this, it requires strict meticulousness, so basic safety rules must be followed. It does not require too many devices to practice it, but it does require the minimum necessary climbing equipment of high performance and…

advanced ingenuity to find a way to ascend and descend smoothly!

That is why climbing is a sport to be practiced if you are a beginner, with people who already practice this sport and with the necessary insurance.

The following is intended to give some basic notions of the climbing sequence and then show the equipment necessary to practice climbing.

It should be noted that during the start of the climb there are two key and most important users. The process is described below as climber 1 and climber 2.Assuming that they have the minimum equipment necessary to begin the climb and that they have properly adjusted their harness and helmet, the climb will begin. To do this, climber 1 must be positioned to belay climber 2 from below. The mission of each climber is detailed below:

secuencia escalada abrir via

The mission of climber 1 will be to secure climber 2 as he is responsible for:

Detect a possible fall.

Release and pick up rope at the climber’s request 2.

The climber 2 is the one who must open the route. This must be a person skilled in the sport, as he/she will have to climb the wall by placing the quickdraws on the fixed anchor points and passing the rope opening the way for the rest of the climbers.

top rope

climber 2 will climb the route until he/she finds a belay with a carabiner or ring. He will then pass the rope so that climber 1 can proceed to the descent by lowering it to the ground using the same device that was used to secure it during the ascent.

Once the rope has been passed through the belay, climbing with the top rope can begin in a safer way.

After explaining the process of opening a route. The following is the minimum equipment necessary for climbing:

  • Harness.
  • Cat feet.
  • Climbing helmet with chinstrap.
  • Dynamic climbing rope.
  • Underwriter.
  • Mooring elements.
  • Safety carabiners.
  • Sport climbing belts of different sizes.
  • Magnesera.

A survival kit, water or food should be added to this material.

Safety helmet:

Protects the head in the event of a possible impact or fall.


A sturdy strap that is properly fastened to a person’s trunk and legs and attached to a rope and serves as a safety mechanism in the event of a fall and as a belay during descent.


device which, being attached to the harness and passing a rope through it, allows the climber to belay the climber first. It allows to yield rope and belay in case of fall as well as to yield rope gradually during the descent.

Express Tapes:

webbing with two carabiners at the ends that serve to arrest the fall when the rope is attached to fixed wall anchors.


auxiliary system that allows easy clipping of an inaccessible anchorage with the arm (it is not a quickdraw).

Carabiner with safety catch:

will be used to anchor us during the maneuver of passing the rope through the ring.

Single rope:

This will be the one that will join climber 1 and 2. Its mission will be to absorb the impact during the fall.

Rope bag:

this backpack allows the rope to be easily transported to the wall to be climbed.

Magenesera and magnesium:

magnesium is responsible for absorbing moisture from the hands and improves grip. The magnesium bag is the bag that holds the magnesium and will always be with us during the climb, anchored to the harness by means of a carabiner.

Cat feet:

These are the shoes used by climbers.

With this new Blog entry we intend to give a notions to those people who intend to start in this wonderful sport.

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Go on an adventure and…  LET’S ROCK IT!

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Isabel María Ponce Sáez

Isabel María Ponce Sáez

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