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Need a more ergonomic and durable carrying bag? PETZL gives you the solution. The carrying bag designed to be used on all means of transport. PETZL DUFFEL 65 is an ergonomic, comfortable bag with a volume of 65 liters, and made of high-strength TPU canvas allows intensive use.

It has padded shoulder straps that ensure the user’s comfort when it is carried as a backpack. Being a multi-purpose carrying bag, it has different possibilities of being carried thanks to its removable straps. In addition, it has a large opening for easy access to the material, two pockets on the inside flap and a large side pocket to insulate your helmet or shoes.

In addition, the Petzl DUFFEL 65 carrying bag has a large transparent area for quick identification of the bag. It is made of high-strength TPU canvas for intensive use.

Enhanced durability

The high-strength TPU tarpaulin (PVC-free) allows for intensive use.

Side pocket

Large side pocket with zippered closure to easily isolate helmet, elevation and other items from the rest of the material.

Ergonomics and comfort

The backrest and shoulder straps are padded and adjustable for comfortable carrying.

For further product information, please do not hesitate to contact our technicians.

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Isabel María Ponce Sáez

Isabel María Ponce Sáez

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