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This week’s post is dedicated to a review of PETZL’s tactikka core headlamp.

Petzl presents its “TACTIKKA CORE” product as a compact, rechargeable headlamp. But, what are the factors that we require from a device like this? Does the PETZL TACTIKKA headlamp have these requirements? In this post we will expose on the one hand, the performance of the TACTIKKA CORE flashlight as indicated by the manufacturer, as well as the empirical testimony of our collaborator Javier García Calleja, who has tested the product during a weekend outdoors.

tactikka core linterna

First we will show the testimonial that PETZL gives about its product, front-end “TACTIKKA CORE“.


Petzl shows its headlamp as a multi-beam headlamp. This allows you to see clearly from near and far, ensuring the user an optimal and comfortable illumination of proximity, and efficient during fast movements and distance vision. This is why TACTIKKA CORE is defined as a versatile, comfortable and high-performance headlamp.

PETZL’s 450 lumen TACTIKKA CORE flashlight provides white or red illumination to ensure user discretion.

The following table shows the lighting performance according to ANSI/PLATO FL 1 protocol.

rendimiento tactikka 1


PETZL’s TACTIKKA front end provides the user with two loading options, this phenomenon is due to the revolutionary HYBRID CONCEPT.

What is HYDRID CONCEPT? It is a concept that allows you to choose the power source of your TACTIKKA CORE flashlight.

The PETZL TACTIKKA CORE headlamp is supplied with the CORE battery for frequent and intensive use. This lightweight (23 g) battery can be easily recharged via universal USB. The CORE battery is made of lithium ion, which guarantees slow self-discharge and good resistance to low temperatures. It is an economical solution over time. PETZL advises that the battery should be fully recharged before the first use. It also guarantees that after 300 charge/discharge cycles the battery has 70% of its initial capacity.

The PETZL TACTIKKA CORE headlamp is also compatible with three AAA/LR03 batteries for occasional use. This option has the advantage that the batteries work even after a long period of non-use.


The attachments are available as an accessory and allow the flashlight to be installed on any type of helmet.


The PETZL TACTIKKA CORE flashlight is guaranteed for 5 years against any material or manufacturing defect, except for the battery, which is guaranteed for 2 years or 300 cycles.

First of all, PETZL recommends that you always read the instructions for use, become familiar with the product and understand the risks associated with its use.

Below, we show the testimony that our collaborator, Javier García Calleja gives about the TACTIKKA CORE flashlight from PETZL. In addition, you can enjoy the review and unboxing of this headlamp below or on our contributor’s Youtube channel.

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Isabel María Ponce Sáez

Isabel María Ponce Sáez

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