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Integral Security Service. Design, Risk Assessment, installation and maintenance of Lifelines in Alicante.

Guaranteed safety during the execution of your work at height.

SWTH ingeniería has a technical department specialised in risk prevention during work at height.
The technical department of SWTH Ingeniería is made up of a multidisciplinary team formed by: Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Occupational Risk Prevention Technicians and Installation Technicians who will provide you with the safest and most efficient solution to carry out your work with the maximum safety guarantees.

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In general, “work at height” means work at a place above the reference level, meaning the surface on which the worker can fall and cause personal injury. Work involving a risk of falling from a height of more than 2 metres requires the use of fall protection this height being measured from the surface on which the person is standing to that of the lower level on which he would be retained if no means of protection were available.

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However, in addition to the drop, there may be an additional hazard due to the nature of the place where the fall may occur, such as the presence of rebar waiting areas, machinery passing through or even if the fall were to be into the sea. It is therefore a prerequisite that these lifeline installation works are accompanied by a Risk Assessment or Preventive Management Document detailing how access will be gained, the risks of the working environment, how work will be carried out and how to descend from the working area.

When devices such as; Horizontal Anchor Lines according to EN 795 C or Vertical Anchor Lines according to 353-1/2, as well as Anchor Points according to EN 795-A, among others, are installed in Alicante, it is an indispensable requirement that the installer authorised by the manufacturer issues an Installation Certificate describing and certifying the perfect state and installation of the executed system, thus guaranteeing that it is installed according to EN 795 and the MANUFACTURER’S MANUAL.
The following is a breakdown of the services that SWTH Ingeniería offers its clients throughout the Alicante area.

Installation of lifelines in Alicante

Installation of Lifelines in Alicante

At SWTH Ingeniería we have Occupational Risk Prevention Technicians specialised in the installation of Safety Systems and the development of Work at Heights. This will ensure that the installed Lifeline will be designed according to the customer’s specific safety requirements, resulting in a final installation that best suits the customer’s safety needs without this solution hindering the normal course of subsequent work at height. This design is intended to provide technicians with maximum mobility in high or inaccessible locations.

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For the implementation of lifelines, SWTH Ingeniería technicians carry out 5 key steps:

  1. Analysis of the area to be protected, design of the best solution and issuing of a quotation.
  2. CAES and Issuance of Risk Assessment/ Preventive Management Document.
  3. Safe access to construction site/facilities, security installation prior to final installation.
  4. Installation of anchor line and verification of its correct functioning.
  5. Issuance of Installation Certificate.
Training in the use of Lifelines

Training in the use of Lifelines in Alicante

After the Lifeline has been installed, tested and certified, the issue of training needs to be addressed.

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As indicated in art. 19 of the Law on Occupational Risk Prevention, the employer must guarantee that each worker receives sufficient and appropriate theoretical and practical training in preventive matters, with the training being specifically focused on the job or function of each worker.

As such, technicians who will be using the fall arrest system must attend training to show them how to use the device, as well as their own PPE. In this way, we will avoid poor use of the Lifeline, as well as future accidents by making more efficient use of this system.

Review and maintenance of security systems

Overhaul and maintenance of security systems in Alicante

“Safety is the cornerstone of prevention”, which is why an annual inspection is carried out in accordance with EN 365 and the MANUFACTURER’S MANUAL to check the condition of the installed Lifelines.

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Falls from heights on roofs and installations in industrial buildings are one of the most serious hazards to be prevented. Why? The roofs of the halls are translucent, so there are drops to the outside and inside of the hall.

Horizontal or vertical lifelines allow safe access to the deck, as well as facilitating work in areas of risk to the worker. The typology of the Lifeline will depend on the following factors:

  • The construction phase (a finished building is not the same as a building under construction).
  • El tipo de cubierta o sustrato (de encontrarse la nave finalizada, caso más habitual) The type of roof or substrate (if the building is completed, which is the most common case)
  • Customer requirements (trolley pass-through or carabiner pass-through)

In those areas of the site where it is not possible to install Collective Protection Systems, it is compulsory to install a Life Line.

Do you want to be an authorised lifeline installer in Alicante?

At SWTH Ingeniería we offer you the opportunity to train for the installation of our security systems. Find out how to take a step forward in your career.

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Lifelines Alicante


Lifelines Alicante


Lifelines Alicante


Lifelines Alicante

Do you check the Material well for each job?

Has a Workplace Risk Assessment been carried out?

Evaluación de riesgos en Trabajos en Altura en Alicante
Evaluación de riesgos del lugar de trabajo en Alicante

Questions and answers on lifelines Alicante

What lifeline do I need for an industrial building in Alicante?

The type of Lifeline to be installed in a building depends on the safety requirements of the industrial environment, the type of roof or structure, among other factors. For this reason, it is necessary that a competent technician carries out an analysis of the body of the building or warehouse in Alicante, which is the object of the study.

What lifeline do I need for construction?

The type of Lifeline to be installed in a building depends on several factors. These include: the safety requirements of the site environment, the type of resistant substrate to which the Lifeline will be anchored, whether a permanent or temporary Lifeline will be provided depending on the stresses or whether it is intended to be left in place or not. It is therefore necessary for a competent technician to carry out an analysis of the body of the building or vessels under study in Alicante.

Can I install a lifeline on my deck?

The answer is YES, at SWTH INGENIERIA we train you to become an installer of our systems and to be able to install the Lifeline yourself.

How can I homologate a lifeline in Alicante?

First of all, it is important to make it known that certification is not the same as homologation. To homologate your own Line you must first obtain the CE marking of all the elements involved in the system. A system must be designed to work in accordance with EN 795 and at the same time be certified by an external laboratory as compliant.

How is a lifeline installed?

The installation process varies on multiple factors. Installation must be carried out as specified in the manufacturer’s manual.

How to use a lifeline?

The Lifeline must be used with the PPE showing the targa or plaque that is installed on the access to the Line.

Who inspects a lifeline?

The manufacturer’s manual specifies that the Line inspection must be carried out by the Line installer.

What do I need a risk assessment to set up a lifeline?

Considering that the installation of the Lifeline is a work without a project, taking into account what is specified in the Royal Decree 1627/1997, of 24 October on safety and health in construction works and according to RD 171/2004 in its art. 10.2:
“Prior to the commencement of the activity at his place of work, the principal employer shall require contractors and subcontractors to certify in writing that they have carried out, for the works and services contracted, the risk assessment and the planning of their preventive activity“.

All of the above requires that any construction site, whether or not it has a project, must submit a Specific Risk Assessment or Preventive Management Document.

What lifeline do I need for a solar panel installation in Alicante?

The type of Lifeline to be installed in a hall or building where they are to be retrofitted. Solar Panels depends on the layout of the slabs, access, safety requirements of the industrial or urban environment, the type of roofing or structure, among other factors. For this reason, it is necessary that a competent technician carries out an analysis of the body of the building or warehouse in Alicante, which is the object of the study.

What lifeline do I need for public buildings?

The type of Lifeline to be installed in a public building depends on the location of the access, the safety requirements of the urban environment, the type of roof or supporting structure, among other factors.

It is therefore necessary for a competent technician to carry out an analysis of the body of the ship or craft under study.

When is the installation of a lifeline mandatory?

The installation of lifelines is mandatory when collective protection devices cannot be installed.

When should lifelines or anchor points be checked?

Below is a leaflet specifying when PPE and Lifelines should be checked.

Checking PPE and Lifelines

Who installs a lifeline?

Lifelines shall be installed by installation technicians certified by the manufacturer of each lifeline.

How to inspect a lifeline?

The inspection of Lifelines will be carried out:

  • Conforms to EN 365
  • As specified in the Manufacturer’s Manual

What documentation is required for the installation of a lifeline?

In order to install a Lifeline efficiently, the manufacturer’s installation and user manual must be observed and followed at all times.

What training do we need to use a lifeline?

In order to use a Lifeline, it is necessary to receive training in the use of the system. For this reason, once the installation has been completed and after commissioning, the installation technicians must demonstrate the correct use of the lifeline to the operators who will be using the system.

Furthermore, it is an obligation of the employer to provide training in the use of the devices and/or equipment provided to the workers (art. 19. Training of workers, LPRL).

How to install a lifeline on a fire truck?

Recently, safety equipment has been installed more frequently on the structure of fire engines. It should be noted that this is an installation that requires a thorough analysis of the fire truck itself and its supporting structure.
In order to carry out this installation, different factors must be taken into account, the most relevant of which are detailed below:

  1. The Lifeline shall be certified for installation on a fire truck structure.
  2. The lifeline shall be a trolley-rail lifeline to prevent the fall from having an arrow.
  3. The device associated with the lifeline shall be a restraint device, preventing the operator from falling to the ground.

For the installation of lifelines on fire trucks, it is necessary to contact specialists such as SWTH Ingeniería who will study each case and provide a solution to each request.

Where do we install Lifelines in Alicante?

We install lifelines throughout the province of Alicante, Elche, Torrevieja, Orihuela, Benidorm, Alcoy, Elda, San Vicente del Raspeig, Denia, Villena, Petrel, Santa Pola, Villajoyosa, Jávea, Calpe, Crevillente, Campello, Novelda, Altea , Ibi, Muchamiel, Pilar de la Horadada, San Juan de Alicante, Alfaz del Pi, Rojales, Aspe, Almoradí, La Nucía, Callosa de Segura, Guardamar del Segura, Teulada, Benisa, Monóvar, Albatera, Cocentaina, Pego, Castalla, Sax, San Fulgencio, Catral, Muro de Alcoy, Pinoso, Callosa de Ensarriá, San Miguel de Salinas, Monforte del Cid, Onil, Pedreguer, Redován, Jijona, Dolores, Bañeres, Cox, Finestrat, Bigastro, Ondara, Gara de Gorgos, Benitachell, Benejúzar, Los Montesinos, Vergel, Agost, Alfgorfa and in all towns in the province of Alicante.

Reviews & Testimonials at SWTH Ingeniería

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We are professionals in lifelines in Alicante. It’s not just our words that count, see what our customers say about SWTH Ingenería.

10 Febrero 2023
Una empresa seria y eficaz. Compramos todo él equipamientos de seguridad para nuestra empresa y un 10. Buen servicio y buen precio.
Antonio G.N.J.
Antonio G.N.J.
27 Enero 2022
Solo tengo elogios para ellos. Asesoramiento sobre los equipos que necesitábamos, marcas y modelos de la mejor calidad, controlan el tiempo hasta revisiones y como mantener los equipos en las mejores condiciones, etc. Y además, muy importante, la calidad humana y ética que tienen. ¡SEGUID ASÍ!!
26 Enero 2022
Somos una empresa del sector de formacion en emergencias, compramos gran volumen de material y la calidad-precio inmejorable, precios muy competitivos, el trato y la atención exquisita por parte de Federico, un 10 como profesional y como persona. Muy satisfecho con los plazos de envío, puntuales y serios. Volveremos a repetir sin duda alguna, más que recomendado.
26 Enero 2022
Calidad y precio sin competencia,una buena atención al cliente y profesionalidad por parte del equipo, recomiendo con confianza.
Alejandro Perez Quintana
Alejandro Perez Quintana
26 Enero 2022
Una atención muy profesional, ayudando en todo momento y siendo proactivos, nos han ayudado mucho. Siempre buscan solución a los problemas que puedan surgir y nos soluciones a los problemas que les planteamos. Recomiendo encarecidamente trabajar con ellos son unos escelentes profesionales tanto a nivel deportivo como profesional, especialistas en protecciones colectivas y líneas de vida.
Endika Heredero
Endika Heredero
17 Noviembre 2021
Pues qué decir, todo excelente, Soy de Cantabria y les conocí en Instagram hace un año y es una de las mejores pymes que conozco del sector tanto ámbito deportivo como profesional. Gente muy maja y profesional donde los haya. La calidad de los productos es espectacular. Muchas gracias swth team.
Jose A. Presedo
Jose A. Presedo
12 Junio 2021
Mi mujer se ha comprado unos zapatos U power con ellos,y todo ha sido perfecto. Comunicación inmediata y el producto llegó en menos de 24 horas. Yo me compraré otros para mí, porque con tiendas como ellos, merece la pena comprar.
José Francisco (José Frank)
José Francisco (José Frank)
2 Mayo 2021
Claro ejemplo de jóvenes emprendedores, muy bien cualificados y entusiastas de su trabajo...y eso se nota en el trato y atención personal. Trabajan con material de primera calidad, como no puede ser de otra manera tratándose de seguridad laboral o deportiva, y dominan el terreno ¡Enhorabuena chicos! Os auguro un gran futuro. Recomiendo 100%👌🏾.



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