OVERLANE wolf jump

OVERLANE wolf jump

The OVERLANE wolf jumper is extraordinarily light: thanks to the prefabrication and lightness of the aluminum, it is easy to transport and install.

OVERLANE, the light and resistant wolf jumper.

With various lengths and widths, both of the landing and of the side steps, the OVERLANE wolf jump is the ideal solution to overcome any obstacle in industrial environments. The anti-slip coating offers the possibility to safely reach particular points of decks or machinery.

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CODE version B [mm] H [mm] L [mm] pcs.
OVERPLAT606 landing with railing 600 600 1
OVERPLAT608 landing with railing 600 800 1
OVERPLAT610 landing with railing 600 1000 1
OVERPLAT612 landing with railing 600 1200 1
OVERPLAT614 landing with railing 600 1400 1
OVERPLAT616 landing with railing 600 1600 1
OVERPLAT618 landing with railing 600 1800 1
OVERPLAT620 landing with railing 600 2000 1
OVERPLAT622 landing with railing 600 2200 1
OVERPLAT624 landing with railing 600 2400 1
OVERPLAT806 landing with railing 800 600 1
OVERPLAT808 landing with railing 800 800 1
OVERPLAT810 landing with railing 800 1000 1
OVERPLAT812 landing with railing 800 1200 1
OVERPLAT814 landing with railing 800 1400 1
OVERPLAT816 landing with railing 800 1600 1
OVERPLAT818 landing with railing 800 1800 1
OVERPLAT820 landing with railing 800 2000 1
OVERPLAT822 landing with railing 800 2200 1
OVERPLAT824 landing with railing 800 2400 1
OVERSTEP607 ladder module with railing 600 700 1
OVERSTEP610 ladder module with railing 600 950 1
OVERSTEP612 ladder module with railing 600 1200 1
OVERSTEP615 ladder module with railing 600 1450 1
OVERSTEP617 ladder module with railing 600 170 1
OVERSTEP620 ladder module with railing 600 1950 1
OVERSTEP622 ladder module with railing 600 2200 1
OVERSTEP807 ladder module with railing 800 700 1
OVERSTEP810 ladder module with railing 800 950 1
OVERSTEP812 ladder module with railing 800 1200 1
OVERSTEP815 ladder module with railing 800 1450 1
OVERSTEP817 ladder module with railing 800 1700 1
OVERSTEP820 ladder module with railing 800 1950 1
OVERSTEP822 ladder module with railing 800 2200 1
OVERBAR ballast holder for self-supporting fastening 1
OVERWEIGHT 22.5 kg concrete ballast (2 for each OVERBAR support) 1



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