Anchor point for round seam roofing AOS01 + SEAMO

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Anchor point for round seam roofing AOS01 + SEAMO

The AOS01 system with SEAMO support to create an anchor point is fixed with four clamps to the hem, without the need to drill the sheet metal. The fastening is carried out on two locks for greater strength.

Punto de anclaje con placa base sobredimensionada para cubiertas de madera, hormigón y acero AOS01 + TOWER XL
Punto de anclaje para cubiertas de chapa engatillada redonda AOS01 + SEAMO

AOS01 and SEAMO: creates an effective anchor point for round cheesecloth roofs.

The anti-fall system consisting of the AOS01 anchor point and the SEAMO support withstands stresses in the plane (360°) and has been designed for installation on flat and sloping roofs.



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