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At SWTH ingeneria we are specialists in height safety installations for companies, especially in industry, construction, civil engineering, buildings, solar panel installations, fire brigades and rescue services.
We provide certified security systems. We advise and train companies on which installations they have and which ones they need, we carry out a study of all the installations and possible improvements to comply with the regulations and avoid any risk of accidents at height. We have a team made up of prevention technicians, installation operators, maintenance technicians and assembly operators.

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Torres de alta tensión

High voltage towers

Welcome to SWTH Ingeniería, a leading company in the supply of work clothing, equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) for professionals and companies working at heights, especially in High Voltage Towers. We offer safe and efficient solutions for the most...

Naves Industriales ingeniería

Industrial Buildings

SWTH Ingeniería offers professionals and companies in the industrial sectors, logistics centers and industrial buildings the best protection for their workers thanks to our wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE). With more than 20 years of experience in...

Torres Eólicas y Marinas-ingenieria

Wind and Offshore Towers

In a world increasingly concerned about safety at work, it is crucial to count on companies specialized in protection and safety in the Wind and Offshore Towers sector. This sector requires specific and effective solutions to ensure the safety of people working at...

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