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Federico Riquelme

Fall Arrest Systems Technical Inspector

A little bit about Federico Riquelme

AT SWTH EVERY DAY IS AN OUTDOOR! We like to enrich ourselves with new ideas, so when we face a new project we enjoy discussing different solutions together, Brainstorming is our most effective tool.

IRATA rope access technician, this being the highest certification worldwide to be a professional in vertical work.

Official inspector of PETZ, KORDA’S, CAMPS SAFETY, CLIMAX, MIGUEL MIRANDA among others.

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Vertical Works

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SWTH Ingenería's projects

Construccion Ingenieria


At SWTH Ingeniería, we strive to offer our customers the best quality workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) for professionals and companies in the construction sector. We ensure that we comply with all EU safety standards to guarantee the safety of our...

Torres Eólicas y Marinas-ingenieria

Wind and Offshore Towers

In a world increasingly concerned about safety at work, it is crucial to count on companies specialized in protection and safety in the Wind and Offshore Towers sector. This sector requires specific and effective solutions to ensure the safety of people working at...

Poda en Altura Profesional

Height Pruning

SWTH Ingeniería is a company specialized in the supply of work clothing, equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) for professionals and companies working with pruning at height. With a focus on tree and garden pruning, we offer safe and efficient solutions...



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    What is a lifeline?

    What is a lifeline?

    WHAT IS A LIFELINE? On countless occasions we hear the term "LIFELINE" used to provide a solution to any insecurity problem on deck. That is to say, it is commonly used to define and give solution to the great field of "SAFETY" for work at heights. What is not...

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    Lifelines review

    Lifelines review

    DO YOU KNOW IN WHICH CASES YOUR EPI'S OR LIFELINES SHOULD BE CHECKED?STAY WITH US AND FIND OUT IN A SIMPLE WAY WHEN TO PERFORM A LIFELINE CHECK.First of all, we will analyze the existing regulations regarding the revision of your PPE and...

    Construccion ingeneria
    On-site security services

    On-site security services

    Are you familiar with the site safety services provided by SWTH INGENIERIA? In SWTH INGENIERIA we provide our clients with an integral service, accompanying them from the project phase, through execution, up to the end of construction or certification phase in the...

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