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Belay device ClimbingT. CLICK UP + (2K670)

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CLICK UP + is an innovative manual braking belay device, an evolution of the well-established CLICK UP model, on the market for no less than seven years.

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CLICK UP + is an innovative manual braking belay device, an evolution of the well-established CLICK UP model, on the market for no less than seven years. Designed specifically for climbing in gyms and on sports walls, it can be used with all kinds of dynamic single ropes of Ø 8.5÷11 mm. Compact and lightweight, it allows you to belay a lead or top-rope belay, controlling the rope with both hands.

The following features make the new CLICK UP a real '+':

  • More effective in reeling, quickly and without jerks (Fig. 3), thanks to the new geometry of the casing and the new carabiner retention system (patent pending).
  • More comfortable during top-rope belaying, especially when used for climbing walls, thanks to the new geometry of the side plates.
  • Safer thanks to the V-Proof system (patent pending) that reduces errors due to incorrect use of the rope in the braking phase (Fig. 1-2).
  • More ergonomic, thanks to the new shape of the outer casing.
Like the previous model:
  • Allows you to arrest a fall simply by holding the free end of the rope with your hand.
  • Allows the partner to descend by pressing on the device and maintaining the tension of the free end of the rope with the other hand.
  • Guarantees effective belaying even if the rope is positioned incorrectly in the device (inverted rope ends), thanks to its special V-shaped braking grooves (Fig. 4).
In belaying, some phases are critical (collecting and slacking the first, retrieving rope on the pulley) and require that, in the event of a fall, the climber respects the 'V' angle between the two ends of the rope. The reduction of this angle can affect the correct functioning of the device in the phase of blocking the rope itself.
The V-Proof system, mounted on the CLICK UP +, allows limiting errors due to a reduced angle in 'V' between the two ends of the rope.
It consists of a mobile separator element that favors the activation of the assisted braking system. If during the climber's fall the rope on the hand side comes into contact with the separator (Fig. 1), this pressure favors the rotation of the device and the consequent blocking of the rope (Fig. 2).

Attention! Read the equipment instructions carefully before use.

CLICK UP + comes equipped and has to be used with the special carabiner HMS CONCEPT SGL HC, with anti-wear anodizing and ACL system that prevents the possibility of loading on the minor axis.


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