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Don't miss the products that SWTH puts at your disposal the brand CAMP SAFETY< /a>.

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CAMP SAFETY's mission is to conceive, produce and distribute the most innovative and functional products for climbers, mountaineers, skiers, trail runners, lovers of excursions and workers at height from all over the world.

Innovation, the result of constant research and development, is a basic pillar of CAMP SAFETY. Because innovation means more safety and more chances of success and satisfaction in the mountains. This is where lightness comes into play, the plus of our products offered by CAMP SAFETY. Reducing your weight means praising the experience of the climber. At C.A.M.P., we always think about the end user, so that the lightness of the equipment is an encouragement and a help to respond to the real challenge: to constantly improve.

The main objective of CAMP SAFETY is, for those who operate at height, to make their work easier with functional and, at the same time, safe products. CAMP SAFETY works for those, making each product, each small piece, with the utmost care for details. Our commitment can be summed up in three words: simplicity, efficiency and security.

In 1889, CAMP SAFETY was made up of a blacksmith with his small workshop. A craftsman, his tools and a great passion for a job well done. A tradition handed down from father to son for four generations. In a world where production no longer has limits, that passion, stainless and unmistakable, continues to lead the way. This is our heritage and it will always be our future.