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List of products by brand RODCLE

Don't miss the products that SWTH puts at your disposal RODCLE EQUIPMENT.

SWTH counts among its products the brand RODCLE EQUIPMENT.

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Rodcle Equipment innovates in order to offer the most current products.

Rodcle Equipment provides a wide range of products so that you can practice your sport or carry out your professional activity with intelligent, safe equipment of the highest possible quality.

The objective, concern and values ​​of Rodcle are the pillars on which the daily work and growth of the company is based and express the desire to identify with the environment, sustainability, society, customers, employees and collaborators.

Commitment, progress and constant improvement are the result of the attitude of all the people who make up Rodcle Equipment.

Rodcle's objective is to search for solutions by transforming the group's knowledge into high-quality products and services that really provide the user with the support they need during their activity, and bearing in mind sustainability and respect for the environment environment.

Rodcle's concern is to respond to the needs of equipment for sports, industry and special bodies, harmonizing the satisfaction of customers, collaborators and employees with the development of society and the environment.

Rodcle Equipment designs, tests and manufactures top quality material to provide an effective response even in the most adverse situations. All their products are designed and manufactured in our own workshops in Spain.