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Kratos FALL ARRESTER 40M (FA2010240) - Fall Protection Systems - KRATOS - 218.95€ - 1
Kratos FALL ARRESTER 40M (FA2010240) - Fall Protection Systems - KRATOS - 218.95€ - 2
Kratos FALL ARRESTER 40M (FA2010240) - Fall Protection Systems - KRATOS - 218.95€ - 3
Kratos FALL ARRESTER 40M (FA2010240) - Fall Protection Systems - KRATOS - 218.95€ - 1
Kratos FALL ARRESTER 40M (FA2010240) - Fall Protection Systems - KRATOS - 218.95€ - 2
Kratos FALL ARRESTER 40M (FA2010240) - Fall Protection Systems - KRATOS - 218.95€ - 3

Kratos FALL ARRESTER 40M (FA2010240)

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Sliding fall arrester in 30 m long braided rope with energy absorber.

EN353-2 Anti-slip

KRATOS SAFETY provides a solution to each of the risks involved in Working at Height.

Safety is a priority whatever the area of ​​work at height, which is why comfort and ergonomics are essential, since the more ergonomic a PPE is, it will provide better protection for the user, since the comfort of the latter when developing their work will be greater.

Benefiting from a fully integrated industrial tool from raw material to finished product, a certified laboratory, designers and technicians, the KRATOS SAFETY range is designed to meet the requirements of European Standards, as well as expectations of comfort and ergonomics of users in their workplace.

KRATOS SAFETY, based on its "safety for life" commitment (importance of man's life at work), has positioned itself as a supplier oriented towards innovation, value creation, long-lasting quality, experience in the design and manufacturing process. With an offer of more than 300 products divided into the following main ranges: harnesses, reels, sliding fall arresters, energy-absorbing lanyards, lanyards, connectors, anchor points, rope access and rescue, confined spaces... KRATOS SAFETY offers a complete fall arrest solution with high-end, customer-oriented services.

KRATOS SAFETY, teamwork!

Safety at work is fundamental and one of the most important concerns of companies. Workers who perform work at heights are exposed to a constant risk of falls that can cause serious injury or even death. For this reason, having safety fall protection device is essential.

At SWTH Ingeniería we are specialized in safety fall protection device of the brands Kratos Safety, Peztl and Climbing Technology. We offer a wide variety of products to ensure the safety of workers who perform activities at height, such as retractable ropes, sliding rope fall arresters, sliding cable fall arresters, energy absorbers and accessories for safety devices.< /p>


Retractable fall protection device are very popular in the construction industry and other sectors where work at heights is carried out. Retractables are designed to maintain a constant tension on the lifeline, which reduces the distance you fall in the event of a slip or trip. Workers can move freely while connected to the lifeline, providing greater safety.

Sliding fall arrester for rope and cable

Sliding rope and cable lifelines are used to allow the user to move up or down the rope or cable while staying connected at all times. Workers can easily move about while doing their job and always be safe.

Energy absorbers and accessories for security devices

Energy absorbers are used to reduce the force of impact in the event of a fall. These devices are connected between the user and the anchorage point and are designed to absorb the energy generated by a fall. Safety device accessories include a wide variety of products such as carabiners, anchors, ropes, pulleys and more. These accessories are important to connect the components of the fall arrest system and guarantee the safety of the user at all times.

Benefits and Advantages

The main advantage of using safety fall protection device is the protection they provide to workers who perform work at heights. These devices reduce the risk of serious injury and can save lives. In addition, safety fall protection device are very easy to use and are designed to be very durable and resistant.


What regulations do the fall protection device offered by SWTH Ingeniería comply with?
All our fall protection device comply with European regulations and are designed to guarantee maximum safety at work.

How do I know which fall arrest device is the most suitable for my job?

At SWTH Engineering we have professional advisors who can help you choose the correct fall arrest device for your specific job.

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