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Kratos universal manual evacuation KIT 30 M (FA7002730)

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Multipurpose rescue kit specially adapted to complex environments where it is necessary to be able to control the speed of descent (even being able to stop at any height).


KRATOS SAFETY provides a solution to each of the risks involved in Working at Height.

Safety is a priority whatever the area of ​​work at height, which is why comfort and ergonomics are essential, since the more ergonomic a PPE is, it will provide better protection for the user, since the comfort of the latter when developing their work will be greater.

Benefiting from a fully integrated industrial tool from raw material to finished product, a certified laboratory, designers and technicians, the KRATOS SAFETY range is designed to meet the requirements of European Standards, as well as expectations of comfort and ergonomics of users in their workplace.

KRATOS SAFETY, based on its "safety for life" commitment (importance of man's life at work), has positioned itself as a supplier oriented towards innovation, value creation, long-lasting quality, experience in the design and manufacturing process. With an offer of more than 300 products divided into the following main ranges: harnesses, reels, sliding fall arresters, energy-absorbing lanyards, lanyards, connectors, anchor points, rope access and rescue, confined spaces... KRATOS SAFETY offers a complete fall arrest solution with high-end, customer-oriented services.

KRATOS SAFETY, teamwork!

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