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U-POWER safety shoes Scott RV20116

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Super light protection class S1P SRC ESD safety shoes ideal for spring and summer.
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These safety shoes, with breathable nylon upper and abrasion-resistant toe protection, ensure a unique lightness and maximum safety: Airtoe® Aluminium toecap, innovative ultralight puncture-proof textile insole and latest-generation tread in abrasion-resistantoil-resistantno-slip and anti-static PU compound.

This style of ultra-light safety shoes, available for both men and women, ensures high performance and greater energy during work, thanks to the considerable shoe weight reduction, which translates into prolonged wellness and dynamism.

Breathability and comfort are guaranteed by the antibacterialanatomical and super breathable U-Power Original and the WingTex air tunnel lining.

Lightweight S1P safety shoes suitable for use in dry environments, ideal for: transport & logisticswarehouse workerscarpenterselectricians and craftsmen in general.




Slip resistance requirements according to EN ISO 20345: 2011 with method according to EN 13287: 2012
Marking symbol Required conditions foreseen by the standard U-POWER
Test floor: ceramics ≥ 0,32 Flat
Lubricant: water + detergent ≥ 0,28 Heel (contact angle 7°)
Test floor: steel ≥ 0,18 Flat
Lubricant: glycerin ≥ 0,13 Heel (contact angle 7°)
SRC (SRA+SRB) Marking with both methods


SWTH, as the official GOLD POINT store of U POWER, offers you the range of U POWER products. We feel identified with the U POWER philosophy, which is why the U-POWER customer is our partner and our voice in the market: we want competitive products, services and prices, but also cutting-edge PPE and information, to be protagonists together from the same project.

In accordance with its own DNA, U-POWER has developed a sophisticated system to generate “know-how”. This allows U-POWER to focus its attention, based on innovative solutions, on the latest technology related to design, development and continuous and permanent high performance.

THE INTERNAL SECURITY FIELD OF U-POWER MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. The choice of PPE cannot be considered a secondary detail. It is extremely important when strategically choosing a product to look at the highest technological specification, on which the user's safety depends.

This is the reason why U-POWER plans, develops, manufactures and markets innovative solutions with the highest performance, and tailored to the needs, becoming the ideal Security Specialist who cares about its customers.

GOODBYE TO THE SUPPLIER WELCOME TO THE SECURITY SPECIALIST. Through the most recent project and engineering solutions, taking the utmost care in the choice of material and with direct control of the entire production line. U-POWER is available to its clients in any specific security area to provide its highest technology and quality standards.

A secure partner with all security titles, specific and effective.


People are our priority. 

U-POWER has a highly qualified team, made up of motivated professionals who constantly try to achieve the most ambitious goals. For U-POWER the “work team” is essential.

U-POWER has invested in human resources seeking professionalism, quality and competitiveness as primary objectives, along with the ability to react quickly and adequately to the needs of current markets.

Choose quality, development and guarantee with UPOWER.

Discover all our  Upower safety shoes
Upower, Work shoes

In the world of work there are certain risks that can endanger the physical integrity of workers, which is why it is essential to have the appropriate protective equipment, especially for feet. You have a wide variety of models in safety shoes Upower, and we offer you at SWTH Ingeniería, the best prices, your online store specialized in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) . Our wide range of safety shoes is one of our flagship products, designed to offer optimal protection to those who work in high-risk environments.

Where to wear safety shoes?

Safety shoes are essential in sectors such as construction, the chemical industry, mining, logistics, the food industry, among others. In construction, for example, workers are exposed to falls, cuts, and blows, requiring steel-toed shoes with non-slip soles. In the chemical industry, on the other hand, chemical resistant and antistatic shoes are used. In general, any profession that involves physical risks, such as impacts, cuts, punctures, burns or slipping, requires the use of safety shoes.

What benefits does Upower safety shoes offer?

The Upower safety shoes that we offer at SWTH Ingeniería are made with the best materials, which gives them resistance and durability. In addition, they have a steel toecap and non-slip soles, which guarantee the protection of the feet in risky situations. They also have anatomical insoles that provide comfort when walking and reduce fatigue. They also comply with European safety regulations that apply to safety footwear.
Safety shoes are an essential element to guarantee the protection of workers' feet. In addition to preventing serious injuries, such as fractures, cuts or burns, they can also reduce fatigue and exhaustion at work, thanks to their ergonomic design and the cushioning they offer.

How to choose the right safety shoe?

At SWTH Ingeniería, we have a team of professional advisors who can help you choose the safety shoe that best suits your needs or your company. It is important to take into account factors such as the level of protection required, comfort, durability and the type of floor on which it will be used. We offer you a wide variety of safety shoe models to adapt to the needs of different sectors and jobs with competitive prices and special offers on our safety shoes to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Why choose SWTH Engineering?

If you are looking for quality safety shoes that comply with European regulations, SWTH Ingeniería is your best option. We offer a wide variety of Upower brand models, adapted to the needs of each professional sector, and we have a team of professional advisers who can help you choose the right shoe. Protect your feet and work safely!
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