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Visor for helmets Zenith ZEN Kask smoke WVI00007.510

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Polycarbonate visor designed with anti-scratch and anti-fog technologies. Can be worn with corrective glasses. Compatible with KASK ZENITH series helmets.



Lens treatment that resists condensation buildup.


Scratch treatment that increases the durability and longevity of the product.


Developed to maximize visibility with minimal visual distortion.


Detail of the edge of the eye protector for greater user safety.


Rubber edge detail that blocks moisture from entering the helmet.


Adapts to the use of corrective glasses.

Kask Safety is an Italian company specialized in the manufacture of safety helmets for different types of activities. Its products are recognized worldwide for their quality, design and safety.

All KASK products are 100% manufactured in Italy and tested, having to pass the most rigorous quality tests and safety of the Comfort Safety and Design by KASK SAFETY distinctive, internationally recognized in 2016 as winner of the “If Design Award” and the “Red Dot Award”. 

The Kask Safety brand has a wide range of visors, visors and safety helmets, designed to meet the needs of different professions and activities, such as construction, industry, mining, cycling, skiing, climbing, among others.

One of Kask Safety's most outstanding products is the safety helmet for work at heights, specially designed for those who work in risky environments. This type of helmet has a series of special features, such as a highly resistant shell, a secure and comfortable adjustment system, a protective visor and a wide range of accessories.

This is possible thanks to the technology that KASK SAFETY develops for its safety helmets. These include: FAST DRY, UP & DOWN 2.0, EASY CLICK SYSTEM and REMOVABLE FRONT PAD, among others. 

Kask Safety also has a line of cycling helmets, designed to offer greater protection and comfort to cyclists. These helmets have a light and resistant shell, an efficient ventilation system and an easy-to-use adjustment system.

Another of Kask Safety's outstanding products is the climbing helmet, designed to protect the head of climbers in the event of falls or impacts. These helmets have a highly resistant shell, a comfortable and secure adjustment system, and a series of special features, such as visors and ventilation systems.

At SWTH Ingeniería, as a store specializing in PPE and sports helmets from the Kask Safety brand, we have a team of professional advisors who can help you choose the right product for each profession and activity. In addition, we offer a wide range of safety products, including safety helmets for work at height, cycling helmets, climbing helmets, among others.

Kask Safety products are an excellent option for those looking for greater protection and safety at work,  activity or sport At SWTH Engineering, we offer a wide range of Kask Safety safety products for different sectors, such as construction, industry, mining, cycling, skiing and climbing. Contact us and our professional advisors will help you choose the right product for your needs.
Protect your head with Kask Safety!
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The safety helmets are essential elements to protect the head from injuries in jobs where there is a risk of impact or penetration of objects, falls, blows or electric shocks. Its use is essential in multiple sectors such as construction, mining, industry, sports, among others. At SWTH Engineering , we are specialists in safety helmets and we offer a wide variety of high-quality models to guarantee the safety of workers.

What are the benefits of wearing safety helmets?

Safety helmets offer effective protection against serious head injuries, since they are designed to resist impacts, perforations and other types of aggression that may put the user's physical integrity at risk. In addition, safety helmets can have other additional benefits such as:

  • UV Protection: Some hard hats are designed with materials that filter out ultraviolet rays to prevent sunburn and other skin damage.
  • Comfort : Modern hard hats are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing workers to wear them for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Visibility: Many models of safety helmets have reflective elements that improve visibility in low light conditions, reducing the risk of accidents.

What types of safety helmets are there?

There are several types of safety helmets on the market, each designed to meet the protection needs of a particular industry. At SWTH Engineering, we offer a wide variety of safety helmet models, including:

Construction Safety Hard Hats – Designed to protect the head of construction workers, these hard hats often have a visor to protect the face from the sun and other elements.
Safety helmets for work at heights: these helmets are designed to protect the head of workers who carry out work at height, such as those carried out on scaffolding, telecommunication towers, towers and cranes, etc.
Safety helmets for industry: these helmets are designed to protect the heads of industrial workers, who are often exposed to risks such as falling objects or blows.
Safety helmets for cyclists and sports: these sports helmets comply with European safety regulations and are designed to provide maximum protection, comfort and durability, in sports such as cycling, climbing, etc.

How to choose the right safety helmet?

The first thing you should do is identify the hazards present in the workplace and ensure that the helmet you choose is designed to protect against those hazards. It is also important to ensure that the helmet complies with European safety regulations.

How long does a safety helmet last?

The useful life of a safety helmet depends on the model and the conditions of use. It is generally recommended to replace the helmet after five years of use or after a significant impact.

Why choose Upower safety helmets from SWTH Engineering?

At SWTH Engineering, we are proud to offer a wide range of helmets, visors and visors for each type of work. Additionally, we offer free shipping on purchases over a certain amount and have a flexible return policy to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for high quality safety helmets to protect your workers in any type of work, SWTH Engineering is your best option. We offer a wide variety of safety helmets from the leading brands Kask and Petzl, which comply with European regulations and are highly resistant and durable. Contact us today for more information or to place your order, and our professional advisors will be happy to help you choose the perfect helmet for your needs.

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